Figurative sculpture in stone

Figurative sculpture in stone has a long tradition. The great gardens of classical Rome and Greece were adorned with monumental statues, some of which came to England in the 18th century with young men returning from the Grand Tour. Gods and goddesses, mythological and biblical characters, saints, animals and idealised figures of gardeners and shepherds have ornamented gardens and parks for centuries. Today, many figurative stone sculptures are less representational, tending towards abstraction.

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Ben Leach - Dove
Ben Leach – Dove (Portland stone, 30 cms sq.)
Salvatore Anselmo - Danza
Salvatore Anselmo – Danza (Afyon marble from Turkey, 88 x 35 cms)
Danny Clahane   Selene Roman Stone Slate Base 56h X 75w X 3d Cms
Danny Clahane - Selene (Roman stone, green slate base, 56h x 75w x 3d cms)
Jilly Sutton - Wistful Wood
Jilly Sutton MRBS - Wistful Wood (cast stone, slate base, edition of 9, 62 x 47.5 x 37 cms)
Robyn Golden-Hann - Ikon
Robyn Golden-Hann - Ikon (Portland stone, gold leaf, 59 x 41 x 4.5 cms)