Contemporary ceramics and other media for interiors

Much of the work displayed at The Garden Gallery is suitable for interiors as well as the garden. The gallery supplies sculptures and ceramics for homes, offices and yachts. Please also browse the individual ‘Galleries’. 

Please contact Rachel Bebb at The Garden Gallery for prices and any further information - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adam Buick - Miniature Moon Jars
Adam Buick – Miniature Moon Jars (ceramic, 10 cm diameter)
Lotte Glob – Blue Lagoon
Lotte Glob – Blue Lagoon (ceramic, 52 cms diameter)
Lotte Glob – Blue Moon
Lotte Glob – Blue Moon (ceramic, 39 cms diameter)
Lotte Glob – Rock Pool
Lotte Glob – Rock Pool (ceramic, 31 x 38 cms)
Lotte Glob – Rock Vase
Lotte Glob – Rock Vase (stoneware clay, height 39 cms)
Antonia Salmon - Deep Marine Surge
Antonia Salmon - Deep Marine Surge (ceramic,ht. 32 cms)
Neil Wilkin - Yellow Blossom
Neil Wilkin - Yellow Blossom (glass bowl, 19h x 27 diam. cms)
Denis di Luca - Kiss
Denis di Luca - #Kiss (raku dolce, 40 cms diameter)
Denis di Luca - Black & White
Denis di Luca - #Black & White (naked raku, ht. 27 cms)
Rebecca Newnham FRSS - Vermeer II
Rebecca Newnham FRSS - Vermeer II (glass, timer, fibreglass, 60h x 90w cms)
Neil Wilkin - Chandelier
Neil Wilkin - Chandelier (glass, stainless steel, 90 cms diameter)
Peter Furlonger - Conical Lighter
Peter Furlonger - Conical Lighter (crystal, 'The Light Shines in Darkness', 12 x 12 cms)
Peter Furlonger - Beaker
Peter Furlonger - Cryst Beaker (Continental crystal, 'Magna est Veritas', 14 x 14 cms)
Peter Furlonger - Crystal Dish
Peter Furlonger - Crystal Dish (Continental crystal, 'Music shall all your cares beguile', Purcell, 20 cms diameter)
Carolyn Genders - Abstraction
Carolyn Genders - Abstraction, Black & White Vessel (ceramic, 18.5h x 28.5w x 19d cms)
Carolyn Genders - Shell Bowl
Carolyn Genders - Shell Bowl (ceramic, 13h x 34w x 32d cms)
Carolyn Genders - Black & White Rocking Vessel
Carolyn Genders - Black & White Rocking Vessel (ceramic, 20 x 20 x 20 cms)
Carolyn Genders - Summer Blues
Carolyn Genders - Summer Blues (ceramic, ht. 85 cms)
Emily Myers
Emily Myers - Ceramic Pots (hts. 9 - 20 cms)