A Visit to the Studio

"The artist, in his sphere, seeks to make concrete ideas of beauty which are spiritually affirmative, and which, if he succeeds, become a link in the long chain of human endeavour which enriches man's vitality and understanding, helping him to surmount his difficulties and gain a deeper respect for life.  The abstract artist is one who is predominantly interested in the basic principles and underlying structures of things, rather than in the particular scene or figure before him...".  Extract from a lecture given by Barbara Hepworth, c. 1953, Tate Etc.

In the first sentence above Hepworth expresses, beautifully, her belief in art as a force for good and a source of spiritual nourishment.  Visiting an artist in his or her studio can indeed by a nourishing experience.  A recent visit to Charlotte Mayer's peaceful studio overlooking the garden at her home is at once restful, restorative and stimulating.  The shelves lined with maquettes and small sculptures are a feast for the eyes and the mind.  The mood is serene, like many of Charlotte's sculptures.  The current work-in-progress is dynamic.  The sculptures are abstract, poised, vital.  The imagination, skill and superb craftsmanship of this artist continue to enhance our surroundings and feed our souls through her sculptures.