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Lotte Glob lives and works on the far north coast of Sutherland in the Scottish highlands.  Her “close, continuing and intense relationship” with that beautiful landscape is the inspiration for her work, which has a powerful affinity with the awesome wilderness in which Lotte walks alone, sometimes for weeks at a time, bringing back rocks to fire in her work.  During her hikes Lotte places little sculptures, perhaps to remain undiscovered for 2000 years.  This ‘Ultimate Rock Garden’, an extension of her own garden “into the great wilderness at my back door” is a token of thanks to nature.  She has now placed more than 50 of her sculptures on top of mountains and in hidden places in valleys.  

Lotte learnt her craft in her native Denmark through a series of apprenticeships with respected potters such as Gutte Eriksen and Knut Jensen.  In her studio she creates sculptures, fountains, bird baths and domestic wares.  Her sculptural ‘Books of the Land’, like “fossilised tomes from a distant past”, hide within their vitrified pages rocks, pebbles and bones, and evoke light on lochans and rocky moorland. Lotte’s work is represented in private collections worldwide, and in museums in Scotland and Denmark.   

“The clay I use is essentially rock, granite, worn by time and weather, carried by rain and stream … to become sedimentary clay, reformed and burnt once again … so returning it in its new form to its old primeval earth mother does not seem too strange.”

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