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Wendy Hoare studied Fine Art at university, specialising in sculpture.  She subsequently won a French Government Scholarship to study the human form in painting and sculpture in Paris.  Wendy made a special study of early Greek and Etruscan art and ceramics, and is also influenced by South American and African ceramics and admires modern potters such as Monica Young and Magdalene Odundo.  

She builds her ceramics by coiling clay.  Her pots are not functional and are often related to traditional vessel shapes and inspired by the rhythms and tensions of natural forms, seeds and shells, birds, landscapes and the human form.  She concentrates on form and texture which she enhances with oxides, body stains and occasionally slips.  She enjoys the stimulus and challenge of using different types of clay.

Wendy’s pots exude a warmth and sense of solidity and timelessness.  Her vessels are contemporary classics. 

“Every pot must be an adventure”


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Contemporary Sculpture, Ceramics and Furniture for Gardens and Interiors