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As a sculptor Ben has diversified from the long family tradition of creating pots.  Great-grandson of Bernard Leach and son of John Leach, much of Ben's early life was spent talking and sharing thoughts with the artists who visited the home at Muchelney in Somerset where his father had set up his own pottery.  When Ben left school he spent a year learning how to thatch.  "Working with real materials and the honest hard graft have always been fundamental to my work - truth to materials is one of the family mantras!  I love learning new skills particularly if they are ones passed down through the ages - our heritage - it's so important to keep it alive".  After thatching Ben learnt blacksmithing with Jim Horrobin, and then studied for a degree in three-dimensional design in metals.

Ben is interested in what lies beneath the surface of his work and the mood that projects from it.  Different atmospheres are created by the set of the eyes or head.  "To simplify the lines of the human face and yet express an inner emotional world is a continual quest".

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