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“I am conscious that many of my pieces have originated from looking at the paintings of Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani and Chagall.  It is possibly interesting that the first three were sculptors too.  It is their painting, rather than their sculpture, that interests me but I do wonder whether there is something in the language of their painting that I relate to more readily because they were sculptors too.  I have been inspired also by literature and music (opera particularly) but this is a more abstract link in terms of the spirit or general mood of the piece rather than the specific physical form.” 

Helen uses a life model regularly and occasionally finds poses which inspire a whole series of pieces.  She looks at sculpture from all over the world, ancient and modern, but it is invariably painting which inspires her.Helen studied at Wimbledon School of Art where she met her husband, the sculptor Terry Ryall.  She became a full-time sculptor after teaching for twelve years, and her work is represented in collections all over the world. 

Her sculptures are sometimes deep in thought, inviting contemplation, sometimes lively and purposeful.  Coming across one of her figures in the garden is like encountering a good friend.

In 2011 Helen installed her bronze Do Wah Diddy at the Royal Free Hospital.  The sculpture, unveiled by Bill Oddie, commemorates the late Joan Roberts, a director of the hospital.  Helen has just won a commission to make a large sculpture for the entrance of a new Marie Curie hospice.

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