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Brian Taylor died on 21 March 2013.  Brian studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London where his tutors included Reginald Butler and F. E. McWilliam.  He was awarded first prizes for painting and sculpture, and praise for his independent vision from Henry Moore during his time as a visiting teacher at the Slade.  A postgraduate scholarship followed and further studies were undertaken at the British Schools in Rome and Athens.  He became Visiting Art Director at the British School in Rome some twenty years later.

Like Moore, Brian Taylor was an admirer of ancient and classical sculpture.  His bronze figures, animals and portrait heads are modelled from life and are usually life-size.  He once said that his main interests were "the study of people, their psychology, character and way of life".  Of his time spent in Rome Taylor has said, "I became completely immersed in classical Greek and Roman art, and in Italian art in general".  But it was the people who influenced me most - they were good natured, generous and open.  I had a strong sense of history and tradition, which many contemporary artists ignored.  It gave depth to what I did and confirmed my conviction to work from the figure".

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