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Giles Macdonald studied Ancient History at St. Andrews University before embarking on his training in Masonry and Stone Carving at Bath College.  He assisted Alec Peever with a range of projects before establishing his own lettercarving studio.  In 2003 he received the Crafts Council Professional Development Award.  His work includes architectural lettering and memorials, commemorative and celebratory work, plaques and sculptural installations.  He aims for a visually engaging inscription that uses strong letterforms and sensitive design.  

“I think the power of stone is elemental and evocative.  Rugged stone reminds us of the mountain; smoothed, polished stone of pebbles; worked stone, crisply carved and faceted, reminds us of temples and statues.  Words carved in stone become inscriptions.  Letters become marks and symbols, rhythmic, perhaps mysterious, visually arresting.  The trace of the chisel – the striations – the marks of the tool chopping, stabbing, slicing against the stone are direct and thrilling.”



Contemporary Sculpture, Ceramics and Furniture for Gardens and Interiors