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“Who has not been struck by the beauty of light playing on cascading water or by early morning sunlight catching the dewdrops on a spider’s web?” 

Light, and its interaction with glass, sculpted to express human aspirations, is at the heart of Peter Newsome’s work.  His childhood memory of a tattered Buddhist prayer flag, seen in the Himalayas after the Communist invasion of Tibet, inspired his sculpture, If, through thoughts of what might have been had the prayer been answered.Peter has executed numerous prestigious commissions and gives talks about his sculptural techniques. 

Influenced in part by Russian Constructivism, where appropriate he employs adaptations of modern glass engineering techniques and methods used in the construction of shatterproof glass laminates.  In this way he is able to create robust, durable glass sculptures, some of which are architectural in scale. 





Contemporary Sculpture, Ceramics and Furniture for Gardens and Interiors