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Catherine Leva exhibits largely in Paris and Egypt.  The forms she creates are uncompromising, emphasising the strength and solidity of the stone, yet they also refer to its fragility through their evocation of shards, splinters and broken fragments.  Catherine’s sculptures, particularly when placed in a semi-natural setting such as an orchard, recall the megaliths thought to have been created by ancient people for ritual and ceremonial purposes, an association further evoked by the antiquity of the stone.  Catherine’s sensitive treatment of the surface of the stone, suggesting fossilised plants, demonstrates her feeling for texture and pattern, expressed in her sculpture by the juxtaposition of chiselled and polished carving.

Catherine Leva studied and lives in Paris where she carves basalt from the south of France, serpentine, and marble, some of it sourced from Sinai.

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Contemporary Sculpture, Ceramics and Furniture for Gardens and Interiors