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ANTHONY TURNER was born in Kenya in 1959. He was lucky enough as a child to be allowed to roam freely in the African bush, picking up stones and observing natural forms. He studied psychology at Exeter University, travelled widely through the great stone-carving civilisations of Africa, Asia, South America and the British Isles, became a painter and sculptor, and was assistant to Peter Randall-Page from 1991-1994.

“Sculpture embodies feelings which cannot be spoken. I can be filing a broad sweep of form, when suddenly I realise that I’m gathering stories from many cultures and embedding them into the stone. It’s to do with the rocky grounded earthiness of stone – it’s a part of the planet – so we thread and weave a new tale into the form, with all its dips and bumps.”

Anthony paints, draws in pencil and ink, carves in stone and casts in bronze and other materials including Bristol blue glass. His work ranges from vast stone seats, through gatepost finials to tiny bronzes which nestle in the palm of your hand. This varied body of work has found its way into private houses, gardens and public spaces throughout the world.





Contemporary Sculpture, Ceramics and Furniture for Gardens and Interiors