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Trained as an architectural stone mason and carver, prior to setting up his own studio Roger worked on the spire, tower and west front of Salisbury Cathedral during its major repair programme.  In 1997 he co-organised the Touchstone Sculpture Project in Salisbury, which aimed to “demystify contemporary sculpture and encourage participation and discussion”.  Practical workshops were held for four local schools (years 10-13) and a group of partially-sighted adults.  Recent commissions include the design and creation of three sculptural seats in granite for The Porter’s Garden in the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth.  

Roger Stephens’ sculpture is primarily abstract but he also undertakes commissions which are representational.  He finds the inflexibility of stone a challenge which extends rather than inhibits his creativity.  Occasionally he incorporates iron and stainless steel in his work.  

“My current theme is regeneration, new life and the explosion of the energy of a new era.  There is also that period just before the unfolding when it is hard to determine what the eventual shape of the new life will be.  Not only is there a feeling of optimism and excitement, but also an uncertainty about the future.  The forms represent future life, optimism and excitement by suggesting unseen shapes yet to emerge.”  

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