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Gianni Villoresi lives and works in a village between Arezzo and Cortona in Tuscany.  His Stele, carved from timeless Italian marble imbued with light, possess a compelling stillness.  Seemingly fixed to the ground like arrows they represent guardians of memory, history and myth. 

"There is always an adventure in each work which engages you in solving a problem originating exclusively from the execution of that specific work and which you must solve at that moment.  Therefore, the moment is unique and cannot be repeated because as other works evolve they will always be in a new situation.  These are the moments in which the work of art is decided upon, even if you have been thinking about it for many months...Neither the expertise nor the experience count.  It is the moment of its birth and we cannot and do not know how to explain it.  When the work is completed it moves beyond us and it no longer belongs to us".

[From 'A Homage to Sculpture' by Alberto Viani, in 'Gianni Villoresi: Sculpture', produced by Galleria Immaginaria Arti Visive, Florence]

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