Keith Rand RSA 1956 – 2013

Annette Ratuszniak writes:

Keith Rand was almost unique among those contemporary sculptors who work with wood. Most rely upon the bulk strength of timber; Keith worked with its tensile qualities. This requires the wood to be pared back to the thinnest of elements in order to become resilient and regain the ability to flex once more – returning to the natural state of the original tree.  

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A Visit to the Studio

"The artist, in his sphere, seeks to make concrete ideas of beauty which are spiritually affirmative, and which, if he succeeds, become a link in the long chain of human endeavour which enriches man's vitality and understanding, helping him to surmount his difficulties and gain a deeper respect for life.  The abstract artist is one who is predominantly interested in the basic principles and underlying structures of things, rather than in the particular scene or figure before him...".  Extract from a lecture given by Barbara Hepworth, c. 1953, Tate Etc.

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The Sculpted Stone

The Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi, who once trained in Brancusi’s studio, said, “A stone is that from which we came, is that to which we go back, it’s the earth itself…Like Brancusi, I aspire to these links to the earth.  Like him I value the tradition of sculpture - to know the nature of the material through the personal use of tools.” 

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