Echoes in the Memory

I have been giving thought to how we cherish memories of past lives, and the stories which make our histories. How do we remember a beloved person, or a particularly happy or rewarding time in our lives? How do we hold this remembrance and keep the flame alive? The cycle of life is affirmed in nature. Trees lose their leaves reminding us of impermanence and mortality, but they are reborn from the cold and the dark, assuring us of the continuity of life.  

How can memories and personal histories be expressed through sculpture in an affirmative way, cherishing the past and conveying joy and hope for the future? 

Inspired by Four Quartets by T. S. Eliot, and thoughts of commemoration and remembrance as we mark the outbreak of WW1 one hundred years ago, which resulted in the appalling loss of young lives, Echoes in the Memory will form part of The Garden Gallery's Summer Exhibition of new sculpture, ceramics and furniture by regular and new artists.  Click on Exhibition in the main menu for more information.