'Blown Away' - a sculpture by Sioban Coppinger FRBS

In the year of the centenary of the outbreak of World War One, this outstanding work of art by distinguished sculptor Sioban Coppinger FRBS has been having a profound effect on visitors to Echoes in the Memory, The Garden Gallery's current exhibition. 

Made from bronze laurel leaves with a steel base, the sculpture is 1.75 metres tall.  Sioban Coppinger says, "Blown Away is a study of a moment. The young man, his life fleeting as a gust of laurel leaves, he sees the whole world in a glance.

“ … Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future…”.  T. S. Eliot.

Inspired by Eliot’s Four Quartets, this piece pays homage to so many brave people whose lives are altered by their time. The plinth fabricated in mild steel is reminiscent of hastily dispatched munitions … or a ship’s funnel …left to rust. Its stripes of bronze reflect adopted strength." 

This beautiful poem in response to Blown Away is by Ingrid Seifert.  Ingrid is a friend of Sioban's and a violinist with London Baroque.

Where will you be
what will you say
when war with
laurel leaves
the wreath of honour weaves,
when wind while
youthful years
are spent blows dry their tears,
when fear holds 
hands with me
to frighten off the enemy
and darkness
shines its light
on my companion’s longest night?

Where will you be
what will you say
when you remember
that hope and glory’s dying ember
was blown away?

Where will you be
what will you say?

June 2014